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This is Todd Booth's Critical Infrastructure Protection course web page. It is just now, under construction. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions, please send an email to Todd.Booth@Ltu.Se.

The author of this web page is Teacher Todd Booth. Todd is a PhD student, senior engineer and lecturer, at the University of Technology (based in LuleƄ, Sweden). For more information about Todd, please see the following Web Page.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Course Information

This web page will contain frequently requested information and will include commonly used URLs. Note that there will be two lecturers. Todd is one of the lectures. The other lecturer is Devinder Thapa. Here is the Web Page URL, to Devinder's Web Page.

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Start of Course

This course will start on Monday, January 19th (2015). The first lecture is scheduled for Tuesday, the 20th. Here is the Web Page URL, to the detailed schedule.

Course Syllabus

Here is the Web Page URL to the syllabus. The syllabus does not mention the required course book information.

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Again, we will have two lecturers. Todd will make heavy use of the following course book. Devinder's current plan, is not to use the course book (these plans may, or may not, change). Before your order the course book, you may wish to wait until it is confirmed, that you have been officially accepted to the course. If you have questions as to if you are officially accepted, or even when you will be notified, please contact Student Support, at the following Web Page URL

Todd was planning to use an earlier version of the same course book, however it is now 4 years old. So we will use the new version, of the same course book, which was released recently, on December 22nd, 2014. The course book information follows. It is very, very important to order the new 2nd edition (NOT the old edition). The new 2nd edition information is found below.

If you live somewhere other than Sweden (and even more so other than EC), it becomes more urgent to order the course book right away. It may take an extra week or two for internationally shipping. It is recommended that you order the course book from one of the following places (or some other major book store), which will obtain it soon after it is released. All of these companies will allow you to order online and then they will ship it to you. The following price and shipping information is current, as of January 9th.

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Course Support

If you have any questions about this course, please ask your questions in the following way:

  1. Here is the course email address: Todd.Booth@Ltu.Se We will normally answer within two school days. If you don't receive an answer within that time, please send an email reminder. If you find a problem with the Fronter LMS web site, please let us know ASAP, directly to this email address.
  2. It is recommended that all students find a study partner. If you have questions, as applicable, please ask your student partner. This is often the quickest way to get an answer.
  3. You should ask your questions during the course Group Sessions.
  4. You can also ask your question in the Fronter > Forums > General Discussion (this will be setup the week before the course starts). If you don't receive an answer in this forum, within two business days, you are then permitted to send an email to the course email address for general support.

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